Design A Perfect Block Print - Free Intro Course!

In this free class discover the tricks behind designing gorgeous fabric block prints

The hardest part of block printing
is coming up with a design to print!

Most people have a hard time visualizing how their design is going to look until
they get to the paint part...and by then, it's already too late! This free course will help you avoid all that mystery and take you through a few simple steps to planning out your perfect block print.

During the class, we'll design your print, sketch and refine it, then break it down into
pieces so you'll know exactly how your final design will come out.

When you finish, tag @therecoverie on Instagram with your designs to be a featured student!

Your Instructor

Danielle Broder
Danielle Broder

Hey, I'm Danielle and I love helping people explore their creative side through printmaking. I'm an illustrator and textile designer with a love for interiors and handmade design.

I started teaching my block printing process over 5 years ago through workshops in my kitchen, and have since taught thousands of students how to block print online, many who claimed they were terrified to even pick up a pencil.

Block printing is such a fun and forgiving medium, and I love seeing what my students create and come up with. Come join in on the fun, and I'll see you inside!

Course Curriculum

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